Welcome to Susha's World.

This is me. Not bad huh?

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but I just hate sitting still. I get bored; you know how it is.

I am a Congo African Grey Parrot. I wasn't born in Africa though, I was hatched in Washington State in the USA. If you want to know more about my kind of people go look at  The Online Book Of Parrots and The African Parrot Society.


I was hatched in March of 1998. I have learn to talk a little bit but it is really hard. I am can say "up up", "hi", "hello", and "kiss kiss". Yeah I know they are pretty simple words, but hey, you try talking without lips!

Hey I have a machinery company named after me! OK so not really, but there is a company called Susha Founders and Engineers in Gujarat - India.

Check back another time maybe I can get some better pictures on here, and maybe I'll even be able to get a recording of myself. That would be cool wouldn't it?

Here is a small sound bit to listen too. I will try to make a better one, but it is much more fun to chew on the microphone. Here is another sound file. Check out my new Sounds Page.